New Flag Up Project Leader

We are delighted to announce that Graham Campbell has agreed to be the new Project Leader for Flag Up Scotland Jamaica.

David Pott, the founder of Flag Up Scotland Jamaica writes:

Some of you will know that my wife and I moved to County Durham in January and, in order to make room for new things here, it was necessary for me to lay down the project leadership.  It is also impractical to lead the project from England!

Graham is a Jamaican who has lived in Scotland for 14 years and he has been very active in Flag Up since we started in August 2014.  He is an excellent team player with great networking skills.  He knows so many people in both Scotland and Jamaica who will be part of moving the vision of Flag Up Scotland Jamaica forward.  Of course it is also ideal that he is a member of the Jamaican Clan Campbell!  I think one of his priorities should be to organise the first ever worldwide Campbell Clan Gathering in Jamaica!

I will continue involvement with Flag Up in an advisory capacity and obviously the project remains close to my heart.  I encourage you to give Graham your full support.  As the project begins a new chapter, we do need funds to help Graham get underway and if you would like to give a donation, please send to


Santander Bank PLC,

Flag Up Scotland Jamaica

Sort Code 09-01-28

Account Number 44648962


We hope later to set up charitable status so that donations can be gift aided.

Thank-you so much for your support of me during this first chapter of Flag Up Scotland Jamaica.


David & Graham

David Pott (L) & Graham Campbell (R)


  1. could I purchase a flag up Scotland Jamaica logo? Sticker or otherwise?

    • Hi Angelique,

      We may have some badges still available. We’ll check and let you know.

  2. I am related to a William Paterson of Braehead/Kilmarnock Ayreshire (1755-1832) and am interested to know if you have any record of this person? He made his fortune in Jamaica.

    • Hi Robert, unfortunately we don’t have any record of William however a quick search of the Jamaican Family Search website has shown up documents containing references to William Paterson during this time period in Jamaica. Difficult to tell if it is the same one you are looking for however. A wee bit of internet research may be the way to go.

  3. A very interesting site that I stumbled upon whilst trying to educate myself in the current Bathgate/John Newland debacle, and the dropping of the Newland name from the Annual “Bathgate Procession and John Newland Festival” due to his links with slavery. There seems to be very little and mainly conflicting accounts of Newland, mostly passed down by word of mouth, which no doubt hinders the quality of information and reliability.

    I really do wonder if removing the “Newland” name will be a missed opportunity to openly discuss and educate about the abhorrent nature of slavery both historical and current. If you remove the name, the question “Who was John Newland” will undoubtedly disappear along with the ability to answer in a candid and truthful manner.

    Surely education and openness is the answer? Perhaps West Lothian Council could forge links with their Jamaican counterparts and put in place a twinning arrangements, Joint school projects, Student and cultural exchanges etc. Alas I fear this may never materialise due to the unwillingness to address our past by having an educated, open and respectful debate.

  4. Hi, I am a Jamaican of Scottish descent of the Binns lineage/House of Binns. Are there an family members involved in this movement?

    • Hi Annette, thanks for getting in touch. I’m not aware of any but what I can do is ask the question on our Facebook page and see if we do have any. Thanks again.

  5. Wishing Graham all lots of sucess as new leader of flag Scotland / Jamiaca


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