Petition Update

Sadly we must announce that our Petition for recognition of Jamaica as a priority country was rejected in the Scottish Parliament in February as the Scottish Government said it did not have the funds to extend its development funding to additional countries. Although we got a very positive reception from the Holyrood Petitions Committee in December 2015 we cannot hide our disappointment at this outcome.

However we also note that Scottish Government Minister for InternationalDevelopment Humza Yousaf MSP hosted a community consultation last month precisely on the issue of extending the number of countries being given development assistance.…/meeting-global-challenges

This indicates that the Scottish Government may well be thinking about expanding the list of eligible countries! You can be assured that Flag Up will not let this matter rest.



  1. Sad to hear this news. Jamaica does need assistance to achieve more. Jamaica could contribute more to the world with some help.

  2. if we are not to forget who we are how about working with the Registered General Department in Spanish Town, Jamaica assisting those form the island who choose to research their genealogy.


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